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Monthly Listing Subscription (5x)

Do you adore everything about the Listing Tool?! 

Are you tired of paying $6 each time you want to run it? You now get 5 uses per month at 20% off.  

That's still 95% less than the cost of hiring yourself (time is money!) or a VA to accomplish what the tool does in ten minutes. 


PLEASE NOTE: This quantity of 5 is designed for those who are not scaling as fast as I'd *like* you to be - but we'll get there ;)  If you want to save even more money and time and want to have enough listings to revamp old ones too, take a peek at the 15 listings version.



Landed here without actually trying it first to see how amazing it is?  Go give it a try for FREE (code TRYITFREE).

Think you'll just use this for one month?  You're better off time wise to just run individual listings on the tool than sign up and go through cancelation shortly thereafter.



Here's what you'll get with your monthly listings:


โœ… 5 product results that each contain everything you need to get it listed fast so you can get back to making

โœ… Every single product result contains: 

  • An Amazon title, description, search terms ideas (x100), and style keywords
  • A personal-to-you spreadsheet to help you pick your search terms fast
  • THREE different Etsy titles, descriptions, and tag ideas (x50)
  • A personal-to-you google spreadsheet to help you pick Etsy tags fast
  • A Shopify, TikTok and goimagine title and description
  • A Faire title and description
  • Social Media captions for use in your own social media planner (x20) 
  • Pinterest titles and descriptions (x10) 
  • Tiktok captions and video ideas (x10)
  • Product video ideas (x10) 
  • Email blasts to send to your email list promoting this product (x7)


Don't miss this opportunity to level up your Handmade business. 


What happens when makers get away from their computers and back to making?  We make more beautiful things!  That's why we got into this, right?  To make!   


Your whole business will rise and your listing time will be reduced to a fraction of the time. 


Want info on plans HIGHER THAN 15 PER MONTH? Reach out to [email protected] for more info. 


What People Are Saying:

GIRL. I'm seriously MINDBLOWN. This is BRILLIANT! And will be such a time saver.

Jessica H.

seriously, this takes the stress out of making listings. You are a genius. All I have to do is tweak my SEO, organize my photos and then do it. OMG so easy.

Heather W.

my VAs love it. we were just starting to train on listing stuff to etsy, so this would make it so much easier for them.

Sarah M.

I just used it for the first time today!! This is insane The descriptions it gave me are perfect and spot on. Honestly, a little overwhelmed with all the possibilities and ways to use this. Definitely a kick in the pants. All the prompts for social media It makes me want to start an email list and get my socials rolling. Thank you

Corrine H.

I just listed 3 etsy listings (yes I need to work on pics and get those added) but these necklaces I never knew how to list them and just never have and have only been making them for craft shows. Now I have them actually listed and will for Faire and Amazon shortly! Crazy sauce! Thank you!!

Stephanie K.

oh yes I already did one listing on Etsy, one on Amazon and two pins on Pinterest ๐ŸŽ‰ And this was only during a little bit of time I had in the afternoon . My Friday night looks promising lol I'm going to prep more. This is an amazing tool.๐ŸŽ‰ Next step Asana!

Elianny R.

I used the tool for an Amazon listing Tuesdayโ€ฆhad a sale for it Thursday

Jody O.

Yall it DOES work. Iโ€™m a six figure seller on both Amazon HM and Etsy; I know my way around SEO. I played with the tool and listed a few items with its results and have sold a handful on Etsy quicker than I would have otherwise and my views on those products are higher than others I listed without the data the tool provided

Michelle G.

It is running now and IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. I must have 50 new bracelets waiting to be listed- I think it might actually happen now!! Thank you!!!

Missy B.

I just tried Dana's listing tool tonight. I don't know how much a ChatGPT subscription is, but I'm blown away by the results I got back from my one prompt of Dana's tool for one listing I'm working on. It's using AI but so much less work than when I was doing ChatGPT on my own -- because with just one entry -- all of the results I got back were pretty much ready to copy+paste right into my tags, titles, and descriptions. Plus it gave me separate results for H@A, Shopify, Etsy, and Faire. But then the results kept going and it has 10 Pinterest descriptions and 10 social media captions and 10 casual captions. I feel like I have an entire database for everything I need to set up a listing now on every platform I sell on just by spending 10 minutes working on one prompt.

Mary W.

OMG! I just did another one and I'm in love with the fb video content ideas!!! (I used the tool on my popular "I Love You" sign language crochet fridge magnets!). One of the emotional video ideas immediately made me think it would make for a great super bowl commercial

Amanda C.

I'm excited. I just bought it twice yesterday to list items. I haven't tried listing anything on Amazon since 2021

Amanda A.

this tool is absolutely amazing, I'm actually going to reopen my Etsy store bc of it

Rebecca B.

I was exclusively on Amazon Handmade and I'm going to use your tool to boost my shopify and open an etsy

Chris S.

I've listed over 60 digital items to my Etsy shop this past week! Thank you for this amazing Listing Tool!

Misty D.

Just started yesterday and got my first product listed in 2 years!

Milenda R.

Here's an honest review of the Listing Tool. I had a product active and decided to use the Listing Tool to upgrade the verbiage for the listing. I inadvertently left the original listing active and have this to show the results from both listings. The original listing was active twice as long as the one I used the Listing Tool for. The Listing Tool listing sold twice as many items in half the time! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’• (I've since inactivated the original listing.) Thank you Dana for your work on this! So much easier!

Laura L.