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Asana for Handmade Artists

My number one question people ask when they learn my story and see our scale of Handmade business : "How do you do it all?" 

HINT : I don't. 

Crafting beautiful handmade products requires dedication, creativity, and a lot of heart. But managing the business side of things? That can sometimes feel overwhelming. Orders, customer interactions, inventory, promotions... the list goes on. What if I told you there's a more intuitive, streamlined way? A method to organize, automate, and optimize, giving you more time for what you love: creating. 

That's where Asana comes in.  With Asana, envision a world where all your tasks—be it customer orders, inventory checks, or upcoming promotions—are organized in one place. No more forgotten tasks or last-minute rushes. Asana is your visual board for clarity.


In this workshop, specially crafted for handmade sellers by a handmade seller (me!), you'll learn:

Why Asana? Understand why this tool is essential for handmade sellers and how it can transform your day to day.  I'm going to teach you how to start using it TODAY.

Asana Unveiled: From setting up projects and recurring tasks to delegating more efficiently, learn to use Asana tailored to your handmade business needs.

Real Handmade Seller Scenarios: Dive into specific examples that show how Asana solves real challenges faced by me daily.

Efficiency Tips & Tricks: From batching tasks to staying focused, become a pro at managing your handmade business with ease.



Unleash the power of efficiency, automation, and focus more on your passion. Join me today and learn my biggest secret to scaling your handmade business!



✅ BONUS : You'll receive my new product Asana template to see all of the tasks we actually use every single time we create a new listing. 



What People Are Saying:

Dana did a phenomenal job breaking down the concepts with a step-by-step approach. She was in depth and thorough, even providing insider tips & tricks. Her guidance was instrumental in getting us off the ground. In a short period of time we've already implemented new automation and have seen improvements in efficiency and productivity, as well as a reduction in human errors. We're excited to explore all the different ways these tools can literally change the way we do business. This couldn't have come at a better time for us - with the economy down, increasing our workforce isn't an option, but becoming more organized and automated means we can keep growing and operating in the black without adding to our payroll costs. Truly a game changer!