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Packing Slip Template

As a Handmade at Amazon seller, you may run into an issue from time to time where Amazon states that the shipment you sent doesn't have all (or any!) of its items in the box.  When you dispute it, they'll come back asking for a manufacturers invoice. 


RED ALERT : Amazon reps don't understand the concept that we're our own manufacturer.  So this packing slip was designed to be the documentation needed to (hopefully) win the case and receive reimbursement for the lost items. 



What People Are Saying:

If y'all haven't done so yet, [get] Dana's packing list and HOPE that you never need it (but have it when you do)! I just used it for a case in which Amazon lost a $3K+ FBA shipment. Easy peasy to fill out and it was just what the Amazon rep wanted. It was soooooo nice to wake up this morning and see my total balance increased by $3500

Stephanie Butler