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Handmade Variations

In this course, we'll dive deep into the nuanced world of creating variation families in Handmade at Amazon. Variations are pivotal in offering customers choices in terms of size, color, material, and other customizable features. Mastering this aspect is not just about listing a product; it's about enhancing the shopper's experience, making your store more navigable, and efficiently managing your inventory.

Course Highlights:

Introduction to Variation Families: Understand the core concept of variation families and the strategic advantage they offer in Handmade at Amazon.

Setting Up Variations in 'Create a New Product': A hands-on guide to directly adding product variations within Amazon's interface, focusing on SKUs, prices, and quantities.

Variations Using Template Upload: Master the art of bulk variation addition using Amazon's template, ideal for numerous variants or regular listings.

Managing and Updating Variation Families: Learn the intricacies of updating, adding, or removing variants from existing listings efficiently.

Troubleshooting and Best Practices: Equip yourself with solutions to common challenges and expert tips to perfect your variation listings.

Join today and become proficient in creating and managing variation families in Handmade at Amazon and watch your shop’s user experience improve.


What People Are Saying:

I recently enrolled in Dana's Variation Course, and I must say, it's been a game-changer for me. While I already had a few listings on Amazon that were performing well, thanks to another one of Dana's courses on SEO, I realized I was missing out on the potential of variations. Initially, when I set up those listings, I didn't include any variations. However, as I started receiving positive reviews and saw the success of my products, I knew it was time to enhance my listings further. I attempted to add variations directly through the "edit" button on Amazon, but encountered an error message every time I tried. Enter Dana's Variation Course. In just 30 minutes of watching her expert guidance, I was able to tackle what had initially seemed like a daunting task—the template for adding variations. Armed with the knowledge from the course, I successfully submitted my updated listing. Of course, there are still some actions I need to take, as Dana had warned, but the fact that I was able to swiftly address the first one speaks volumes. Investing in Dana's course was undoubtedly money well spent, and I'm excited to see the continued growth and success of my listings.


I’ve taken many of Dana’s courses and her variation course did not disappoint either. The first time I heard someone talk about parent/child listings, I was so confused but her course takes you step by step to understand how it works and intertwines with your listing and how to create an effective parent/child listing. Her knowledge of Amazon is unmatched from other groups I’m in and I love the way she teaches. She not only teaches in great detail but she explains the why which I love since I’m a visual learner. From someone that is majority ETSY right now, Amazon is very confusing to me but Dana simplifies it and makes it so easy.