$249.00 USD

  • One payment will be deducted from your credit card
  • You'll be emailed instructions for how to give me access into your Asana
  • All other Terms of Service can be found HERE

Asana Integration Setup

To be eligible to take the next step in your automated listings journey, you must be able to say to two things: 

  • You have setup Asana and are familiar enough with it to understand tasks, descriptions, subtasks and duplicating tasks. 
  • You must have purchased one of my Handmade Listing runs so that you can see the expected output.

Why this integration? : 

  • Organization:  Having received at least one Handmade listing output email is enough for you to see that, while it is amazing (!!), if you run this multiple times in week or day, it will quickly become too much information to stay organized.
  • Scaling: If you have size team who helps you with any piece of listing, or plan to have any team members join in the future, this will be priceless.  I can even set it up in a way where certain people get certain subtasks the moment they're created.

  • Batching: Scale comes from efficiency.  It is not as efficient to switch from Etsy to Amazon to Shopify to social media for each listing generated.  Its more efficient to list 20 things on Amazon at once.  Then 20 on Etsy.  Work smarter not harder.

What is included in the integration? : 

  • Hands off setup: You will receive an email from me immediately with instructions on how to add me to your Asana workspace.  I do the rest!
  • Zoom training: After it is setup, I will reach out to schedule a zoom call (could take up to an hour, come ready to ask questions!) in which I will train you on where to purchase your discounted listing runs and how this works inside YOUR Asana.  No examples of someone else's.  You'll learn yours.  PLUS, you'll get a copy of the recorded call to re-watch as many times as you want.

  • No maintenance: You are purchasing MY ongoing maintenance on the backend.  If the programs go down (darn technology!), its on me to fix it, not you! 

What additional expenses are there?

Once you purchase the setup, you will begin using highly discounted zap runs compared to the non-Asana integration.  You can buy those zap runs in bulk and do not need to purchase individually!  The tool will only work with the discounted zap runs if you want to receive the output, but if on any listings you want to not use the integration or stop using it all together, your Asana is yours and will function with or without my integration (you just won't receive the output of titles, tags, etc).

Trust the process, this will change your Handmade business forever.  I am confident enough to say that by the fifth or sixth time you run this, you won't go back.


 Now lets get going!

What People Are Saying:

its complete genius and the best investment for business. I wanna do more!! lol