Why is AMAZON SEO so dang important (and weird!?)

Have you started making really pretty things, decided to sell them, and now don't know where to go from there?  You're thinking "How am I supposed to get found, especially on Amazon?"

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the really scary way of saying "the words any website looks for to put your stuff in front of someone who wants to see it."  Yes, I just made that up.  But for real, you have this beautiful thing you made but if you call it "beautiful thing," there's not a soul on God's green Earth that will ever find it.

You may already sell on Etsy.  You may already sell on Facebook.  And as a huge supporter of all things handmade, I say "go you!".  But you're here because you have a bigger dream.  You want Amazon.  You want the sales, the customers, the growth.

With that begs for an understanding of why Amazon's SEO is so weird and different than what you're used to.  For some of you, its just so different than how you've...

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