Asana and Zapier Handmade Automations



Chances are you've landed here because you've heard how I automate 99% of my new product listings.   

HINT : the biggest struggle is mindset - realizing that you shouldn't be spending time doing the things you're doing!



I haven't always been using fully automated product listing flows. The biggest leap forward in my 7 figure handmade business was when I implemented JUST Asana.  It was that life changing for me and my mental load.

The FREE version of Asana is still all I use and using it everyday, I accomplish more in an hour than most people accomplish in a day.  Why?  Focus.  Organization.


Here's why Asana is your new best friend:


1. Clear Visual Structure: Asana's user-friendly interface provides a visual representation of your tasks and projects. Easily create, organize, and prioritize your handmade product listings with a single glance.

2. Collaboration Made Simple: Collaborate effortlessly with virtual assistants (VAs) or team members, delegating tasks and tracking progress in real time. No more micromanaging or miscommunication!

3. Creative Flow: With your mundane tasks automated, your mind is liberated to focus on the essence of your handmade products. Dive deep into creativity, design, and storytelling.

4. Deadline Bliss: Say goodbye to last-minute rushes and sleepless nights. Asana's deadline reminders ensure you're always ahead of schedule.



After I had wrapped my head around Asana and had begun putting VAs and staff into that process, along came Zapier and my eyes were opened to automation.

We use Zapier for so many things, and some of my examples are below, but this tool is also FREE to start with.  You only get charged when you have enough "zaps" automatically running each month, which means you're doing it right!


Zapier is Step Two and is a POWERFUL step in your growth because it can :


1. Connect and Conquer: Zapier connects Asana and countless other apps in your toolkit, such as email, e-commerce platforms, and social media to seamlessly integrate your business operations.

2. Work Best for YOUR Business: Create custom "Zaps" that trigger actions when specific conditions are met. For instance, automatically run Chat GPT and create titles and descriptions for new product listings in your e-commerce store when you create a new task in Asana.

3. Save Time and Energy: Zapier takes care of repetitive, time-consuming tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on refining your handmade products.  This is how I went from six figures to seven is realizing this was crucial.

4. Reduce Errors: Eliminate the risk of human error by automating data transfers, updates, and notifications. Your handmade listings will always be accurate and up-to-date.



Workshop Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at the lessons included in this workshop.  Go at your own pace and implement a piece each and every day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let's make sure this is the next right step for your business!

No, you can get started with the FREE versions of both Asana and Zapier! Asana's free version offers powerful features, and Zapier only requires payment if you run a high number of automations. 

HINT: I STILL use the free version of Asana and teach you how to stick with the free version in the workshop

Absolutely! By learning how to leverage Asana and Zapier, you'll significantly reduce the manual workload, making it easier for VAs to assist you. You'll also unleash your creative potential, resulting in better (and more!) handmade product listings.

Not at all! This course is designed for users of all skill levels. I'll guide you through every step, making sure you're comfortable and confident in utilizing Asana and Zapier.

Absolutely.  I require you to have watched the course and be familiar with both programs before I can/will apply  my automations to your account.  When you're ready, reach out and for a one-time fee I can set up your flow to match mine.

Yes!  These are pre-recorded videos, so you can rewatch, slow-mo, whatever works best for your brain to learn and absorb.  My goal is for you to IMPLEMENT!!

The four lessons are just over 90 minutes total.

"I got my automation set up and working correctly on Monday. Then yesterday morning, I had drafted 3 listings for all my platforms within maybe 20-30 minutes. Then set up my photography stuff for those products, took pictures and edited them. I can list everything today. That speed is unheard of for me."

Jennifer T.
Handmade 6-Figure Seller

I'm confident this will help you scale - if you're ready!

Unlock the true potential of your handmade business, streamline your operations, and release your creativity with Asana and Zapier. Say goodbye to the overwhelm of manual tasks and embrace the freedom to thrive in your craft. Enroll now and start your journey to automated success!

I'm ready to scale and automate...